Discovering the headwaters of the rushing Cream River.

This past Friday, after an accelerated and oddly painless process, the new pocket-sized edition of stories Cream River (and it’s conjoined musical twin, Blind Pelican’s Whiskey Dick) valiantly burst forth into the world. The consequent celebration—in the industrial cavern where Downeaster Editions is headquartered—was nothing short of amazing. The packed house was treated to stories of failed redemption, songs of willful self-sabotage, a deluge of Genesee Cream Ale, and handmade fauxreo cookies loaded with a whiskey cream filling. There was also some near-nudity. And books. Brand new, delicious little books.

Blind Pelican - Whiskey Dick

Over the next several months, there will be more events to celebrate the publication of this creepy weirdo. Some will be straight-ahead readings. Others will be meticulously planned exercises in crowd manipulation. At the moment, all will be in the northeastern United States. If you are not so specifically localized, or just can’t wait to get your copy of the book and record, you can order them together now through the Publication Studio online store. The book is available as a $10 perfect-bound paperback or as a $5 ebook. The record comes as a digital download with the purchase of either book format. The more savvy independent bookstore might also have a few copies in stock.

You can read an excerpt through Goodreads, listen to a sample song, or watch this ridiculous book trailer. You can also act on faith. And of course, all good words—whether shared in an online forum, bullhorned in public, or whispered in the ear of the one you love most—will be greatly appreciated.