Up the slip, the upward tide lips.

This ranks among the harder publication credits to cite. In January of 2015, I began working with the jeweler/metal-smith Cat Bates on a cross-disciplinary project. The focal point of the piece was a cast wrist-cuff fashioned after the simple, pragmatic design of an oarlock, a particularly appealing shape that resonated with certain experiences from Cat’s childhood summers on the island of Monhegan, off the coast of Maine. After several months of hashing out ideas—and, more often than not, finding immediate, organic consensus on even the more outlandish aspects of the project—we arrived at this final piece: a brass bracelet wrapped in a muslin bandanna screen-printed with a short piece of fiction based (very loosely based) on Cat’s childhood experience. The stitching on the bandanna was done by Lillian Harris. The silk-screening was performed by Jenna Crowder (with whom I’ve collaborated a time or two before). This is likely the most elegantly beautiful artistic endeavor of which I have ever been a part. If you like hand-forged jewelry and/or wearing literature knotted around your shoulders, this might very well be the thing for you.