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“[…] a sort of playground where an audience can experience their findings as a unique story.”

Nick Schroeder, the Bangor Daily News

“Bare Portland’s exuberant, beautiful, bonkers, experiment recognizes and affirms us as those multitudes-containing selves, the profane and sacred collections, that we all are.”

Megan Grumbling, the Portland Phoenix

“[…] a curiosity among […] our culture’s relationship with material things and its transient nature.”

Bob Keyes, the Portland Press Herald

Our Shadows' VoiceOUR SHADOWS’ VOICE

“Words and images rise in Douglas W. Milliken like water from a spring, and he attends them with a watchful heart. Light-handed, far-seeing, a painter in words, Milliken carries us back and forth between the sensuous pleasure of place and the inner life of his characters, each essential to the story as a star to its respective constellation. Douglas W. Milliken, himself a fresh star I believe will find a place among constellations of revered writers, highlights how we live daily at the fringe of mystery.”

Martin Steingesser, author of Yellow Horses and Portland Maine’s Inaugural Poet Laureate, 2007-09

Blue of the World BLUE OF THE WORLD

Blue of the World reminds me of some wild, enormous mineral towers I saw once above a riverbed. Just when you thought you’d figured out the contours, another plane appeared, and then another, then a broken edge, a polished step, a rippled bowl. These stories are like that—brilliant surfaces, hidden depths, unsettled corners. Weeks since I finished the book, still I dip into it like dreaming, the perfect paragraphs new in my hands.”

Bill Roorbach, author of Life Among Giants and The Remedy for Love

“There’s such a satisfying alchemy to Milliken’s sentences—rhythms, textures, and resonances that magic our day-to-day idiocies into almost hilarious beauty. And by beauty, I don’t mean some transcendent feeling or deliverance from our isolation, but something much deeper and stranger: the extraction of an inner warmth we always hoped was there.”

Meghan Lamb, author of Silk Flowers

​“Beneath the lucid, serene surface of Milliken’s prose lie disturbing realities. His immersive fiction takes us to places where we may be afraid to look and invites us to celebrate the beauty of unsettling mystery.”

Nat Baldwin, author of The Red Barn

“Milliken’s stories demonstrate an impeccable eye for the slightly askew and uncanny in and of images, objects, and people. Written in accessible yet exultant prose these stories are studies in rendering emotion through detail and tone. This work is an immersive experience, startlingly subtle, deftly-crafted.”

Danilo Thomas, editor at Baobab Press

“Milliken is a master of leveling the field of experience and revealing the things we all carry with us—awe, insecurity, nostalgia—whether we’re looking up at the stars or about to be swept out to sea.”

Celia Johnson, Creative Director, SLICE Literary


“One of Portland’s most prolific and original fiction writers.”

The Portland Dispatch

“In Milliken’s stories, you get characters who seem like regular-ass people until their motivations […] collide them.”

The Portland Phoenix


“I believe Doug Milliken has a firm grasp of life’s little traumas. He takes his chunk of loving meat and hangs it from a butcher’s hook on display for the world to read.”

from the foreword by Ben Trickey, singer/songwriter

“Cream River […] is still on my mind, as if its characters were hanging around in the dark shadows of my consciousness. […] I was blown away by “Color Wheel.” I also loved how the stories had a series of sometimes evident and sometimes subterranean connections that became especially intriguing as the cycle approached its end. I highly recommend reading Cream River.”

Jonathan Weisberg,  Stoneslide

“I loved every story, every word.”

Erin Sprinkle, singer/songwriter


“[…] it is impossible not to be the weird kid in Milliken’s Reno. To Sleep as Animals is a mystery about characters succumbing to their spaces, how such a rugged landscape sustains so many strange and dangerous lives.”

The Collagist

“A disturbance of a very specific flavor […] Milliken’s writing is urgent yet finely considered—a literate pleasure.”

Carl Skoggard, translator of Sonnets by Walter Benjamin.

“A distinctive and often vertiginously frightening psychological landscape […] bracingly disturbing.”

Megan Grumbling, author of Persephone in the Late Anthropocene.


“These stories […] glow with some sort of holy light, as if every moment were magic, like footage of your family picnic on super 8.”

The Portland Phoenix

“Seriously the funniest thing I have ever read. I was laughing so much that [my wife] yelled at me. Probably because she was sleeping. And it was 2 AM.”

Derek Kimball, Last House Productions


“Douglas W. Milliken takes his time unveiling the savoring of the moment in a narrative of extremely gracious intimacy. The dignified personal. Expert surreal grounded prose. Pragmatic poetics that serve the whole. This man is a master of simile. And it never gets old because the associations are always complex and unexpected. Worked accuracy but seamlessly so. Wow throughout the heartbreaking sensuality. Its core a felled forest of need. The title story, ‘White Horses,’ cannot be improved, which is another way of saying it is perfect.”

Melody Sumner Carnahan, co-founder of Burning Books.