Watch the Season Finale of *Quarantine Story Time*

To conclude our first two-month run of shows, Episode Eight of Quarantine Story Time features an exploration of influence, both in how outside forces helped shape the stories, and how outside forces influence the lives of others. Also, music by Brandon Schmitt (of Delta Sierra) and perhaps one-too-many references to songs by Joan of Arc.

Starting this week, QST will be going on a short hiatus while Genevieve and I rest and reassess what we want from this program, how we can make it better, how it can most effectively do what it wants to do. This might mean continuing as a live-stream, as a podcast, or as some other as-yet unconsidered format.

Until then, if you’ve enjoyed the program so far and would like to contribute to the fund to help sustain us in this extenuating era of human stupid, you can make a one-time or ongoing donation here. You can also buy signed copies of Blue of the World, Our Shadows’ Voice, In the Mines, and The Opposite of Prayer directly from my personal cache of books (the new Tenth-Anniversary Edition of White Horses, Brand New Moon, To Sleep as Animals, and Cream River can also be ordered from their respective publishers). And if you have any input on how the future of QST might look, please feel free to reach out and share your thoughts.

It’s been a pleasure to produce this show for you. We look forward to sharing more stories very soon.