Watch Episode Seven of *Quarantine Story Time* PLUS SPECIAL NEWS

As the third and final installment in our mandated Horse Month series, Episode Seven of Quarantine Story Time is “No Actual Horses,” which is an oblique reference to my first book, the novella-as-mosaic White Horses, originally published in 2010 by Nada Publishing and which, for many of these intervening years, has been out of print.

It is because of this book’s long-term unavailability—in addition to a handful of other, more personal reasons—that I have decided to release a tenth-anniversary edition of White Horses, complete with new artwork, a new layout, a new introductory essay (wherein I explain some of my convoluted personal history with the text), and also a handful of corrections that update and tighten the narrative’s language while also honoring the voice and intentions of the younger Douglas who original conceived and composed these coalescent fragments. It actually comes as something of a relief, that this book once again has a chance at a continued public life. I hope some of you feel the same way.

(Also, if you place your order before April 29th, you can receive a 30% discount by applying the coupon code GIVEBKS3RT at checkout.)

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Episode Eight of Quarantine Story Time—which will be both a Viewers’ Choice episode and also our season finale—will live-stream at 7:30 PM this coming Monday, May 4th.