Watch Episode Five of *Quarantine Story Time*

Episode Five of Quarantine Story Time, as the first installment of Horse Month, is “Mythic Horses,” featuring fantastical equids and equids of fantastical landscapes. Also: a man screaming at a shower head, a story by Jacob Cholak, and music by Scott Sell.

If you enjoy the program, are in a fiscally stable position, and want to show your appreciation, you can purchase a signed copies of Blue of the World, Our Shadows’ Voice, In the Mines, and The Opposite of Prayer, as well as leave a one-time “tip” in acknowledgement and appreciation of this installment of Quarantine Story Time. You are also free to contact me directly here.

Episode Six of Quarantine Story Time—*Ghost Horses*—will live-stream at 7:30 PM this coming Monday, April 20th.