Watch Episode Four of *Quarantine Story Time*

Episode Four of Quarantine Story Time features work selected on the basis of viewer request and suggestion, investigating the concept of joy. Alongside the stories “Saline” and “Arena,” co-producer and domestic partner Genevieve Johnson shares passages from her personal journal. Also included in this episode: platonic prison romance, Angela Merkel, and (due to problems with our audio thwarting last week’s Pre-Show Music Time) a reprise sampling from Dean Thornton’s new album, We’re Glad You’re Here.

Also, because shelter-in-place orders have been extended in all parts of the US, Quarantine Story Time will continue for another (at least) four episodes all produced and performed under the banner of Horse Month, based on the unusual frequency of horses appearing throughout my fiction.

If you enjoy the program, are in a fiscally stable position, and want to show your appreciation, you can purchase a signed copies of Blue of the World, Our Shadows’ Voice, In the Mines, and The Opposite of Prayer, as well as leave a one-time “tip” in acknowledgement and appreciation of this installment of Quarantine Story Time. You are also free to contact me directly here.

Episode Five of Quarantine Story Time—*Mythic Horses*—will live-stream at 7:30 PM this coming Monday, April 13th.