The Alphabets Align to Form the Words

What follows is a list of recent happenings, presented in no specific order.

Over this past winter, I had the opportunity to speak at length with the author Meghan Lamb (Silk Flowers, All Your Most Private Places) about the various processes involved in the composition of my collect Blue of the World. It was probably one of the most stimulating conversations I’ve ever had regarding the art and craft of writing, and it makes me proud to no end that that conversation is now available on Slice Literary‘s online column “A Word About Writing.”

Also available as a free read: my story “Wapiti Nocturne,” about the (pseudo?) mystical phenomena of grief, thanks to the ever-gracious editorial eyes at the Lascaux Review.

Not free but nevertheless worth tracking down: Word Portland has published their second anthology, Ungatherable Things, including work by Martin Steingesser, Suzanne Langlois, and Stowell P. Watters (among esteemed others), and includes my story “Hyacinth & Waxwing,” about quantum physics and the luxury of crapping in private. Below is an image of me—sleep deprived, delirious on cold medication—assailing the audience during the launch party at Portland’s LFK.

Photo credit: Genevieve Johnson

While it has been a few years since I last was able to take a purely-creative outing, I spent this first week of August in residence at the Hewnoaks Artists Colony (where I have, over the course of four residencies in six years, written some of my favorite stories, including the title piece to my most recent collection), during which time I—among other things—swam at least once but often twice each day in a fantastically warm lake, edited the latest 20 pages of my latest novel project, attended an impromptu bat party (in my cabin’s bedroom, no less) just before dawn, composed four new stories as well as thirteen pages of script for a collaborative theater project with Bare Portland, and surprised myself by actively engaging with the other (amazing, fascinating) artists in residence. With any luck, some of the above work will manifest itself in some interesting, public way.

And finally: at the end of May, Scott Sell, Genevieve Johnson, Mariah Bergeron, Jason Lesaldo, and I staged a multi-disciplinary performance event for Blue of the World at SPACE in Portland, Maine. Afterward, I was able to pair the audio of our performance with an expanded edit of the video footage being projected multiply and continuously throughout the night. That video is now free to stream below.

And here’s a little enigmatic photographic evidence of the event:

As always, thank you for reading, thank you for sharing, thank you for reminding me of the difference between a correspondent and corespondent.