“A Little Recognition Makes Me Do Better Gladly”

Thus spake Open Mike Eagle in his hurts-so-good anthem “Dark Comedy Late Show,” and man, what a fun line to say aloud and even better sentiment to feel. So while the finishing touches are being applied to the next installment of Friends Saying Nice Things About My Art, here’s a brief intermission to mention that my essay “Anyone Can Have a Good Time” is a finalist for a Maine Literary Award for short nonfiction. The storyan extended meditation on my evolving relationship with my mother before, during, and after her deathwas published late last year in Shenandoah, where you can read it for free online along with an accompanying interview.

The Maine Literary Awards are held annually to recognize excellence in the Maine writing community and are conducted by the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance. Winners will be announced during the award ceremony on May 24th at SPACE in Portland, Maine.