Watch Episode Two of *Quarantine Story Time*

Episode Two of Quarantine Story Time features readings from Blue of the World, a collection of stories published by Tailwinds Press in April of last year, as well as a piece of flash fiction by Meghan Lamb from her new collection All of Your Most Private Places, out this month through Spork Press. Also included in this episode: 90s Brazilian metal, a sneezing dog, and songs by The Plaster Cramp.

[Unfortunately, due to high server traffic, the last two minutes of the program did not live-stream or record. We’re very sorry, for it was really just the best thing ever. Blame YouTube.]

If you enjoy the program and are in the rare position of maintaining a stable income during this viral crisis, you can purchase a signed copy of Blue of the World (as well as Our Shadows’ Voice, In the Mines, and The Opposite of Prayer) and/or leave a one-time “tip” in acknowledgement and appreciation of this installment of Quarantine Story Time. You are also free to contact me directly here.

Episode Three of Quarantine Story Time—featuring selections of new, unpublished work—will live-stream at 7:30 PM this coming Monday, March 30th.