Quarantine Story Time

Dearest humans! As many of you might currently be able to relate, nearly all my current performance gigs have been cancelled due to the mounting concerns over COVID-19, including the final six shows of [STORAGE], a play I co-wrote with the Bare Portland theater collective over the course of the past year. Knowing the necessity of such measures does not at all mitigate the heartbreak of seeing so much work and love prematurely concluded. I’m bummed and itchy to do something about it.

So it’s with that loss in mind—combined with the fact that many of us are suddenly unemployed and house-bound with a wealth of time freed up from cancelled social events—that I’ve decided to launch the Quarantine Story Time, a YouTube live-stream reading series that (barring any other nation-wide disaster) will take place during the next four Mondays at 7:30 pm EDT, starting March 16th. Each episode will be roughly half-an-hour and include original fiction performed in various nooks of my home, followed by (fingers crossed we nail the tech on this) an interactive Q&A and discussion.

Episode One: Our Shadows’ Voice, featuring selections from the novel published this past November by Fomite Press.

Episode Two: Blue of the World, featuring selections from the collection published last April by Tailwinds Press.

Episode Three: Undisclosed New Work, featuring a new, unpublished text written over the past year.

Episode Four: Viewers’ Choice, featuring a selection or selections of work based on viewers’ requests, comments, or questions during the previous three episodes.

Please feel free to share with anyone you think might be interested in watching a lone man in a room reading stories of his own creation. All episodes are free and open to the public, though of course, if you feel like sending a tip via paypal or ordering an author-signed copy of any one of my books, I surely won’t turn you away.

As always, thank you for your interest in and support of my work over the years. It’s a real weird time out there right now. One way or another, we’ll get through it together.