Grief, Power, & Pasture Fantasies

I’ve said it before that too often, there are only two modes within which I exist: one of too much, and another of not enough. So while it’s goofily overwhelming, it is nevertheless my great pleasure to say that in the next twelve months, I have three very different book projects scheduled for publication.

  • The Opposite of Prayer, a pocket-sized collection of stories about power and manipulation, due out April 12th through The Head & the Hand Press.
  • Blue of the World, a full-length collection of stories about walking the knife’s edge between self-knowledge and denial, due out later in 2018 through Tailwinds Press.
  • Our Shadows’ Voice (or maybe Awake, O You Sleepers, depending on what mood strikes at that crucial deciding hour), a novel about the messy permutations of grief, due out in the early months of 2019 through Fomite Press.

Again, this is a goofy amount of books to have coming out in such a short period of time. Which means I will likely be on the road a lot in the near future, acting weird in strange places with strange people, which is kinda my element. With that in mind, if you’d like to contribute to this travelling lifestyle, feel free to contact me about doing a reading in your hamlet or burgh.

fieldsburningfarawayWhile these too-many books steadily digest themselves from manuscript to physical thing, here are two new short stories to consider. “Atlantic Leather Co.”—a dreadful meditation on scarves and belts—is part of Issue 47 of Ireland’s Crannog. Meanwhile, Zetetic’s current issue features my irreal pasture-fantasy “Fence Post & Pilgrim.” It’s very possible that one of these two stories counts as my 100th journal publication. But today, I am too tired to count.

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