“Water Lily” in Tincture & an alternate Owl.

Continuing a trend of mutual love between British and Commonwealth publications and me, the Australian journal Tincture this week included my story “Water Lily” (the first of this past year’s new crop of stories written at the Hewnoaks Artists Colony) in their new 17th Issue.

Elaine’s rule was defense. This was her home. No one else’s. When the striking time arrived, she’d strike to kill. But only after the intruder struck first. She could wait as long as she needed to wait. Annette would say just bag it and tag it but Annette wasn’t here. It wasn’t her call. Elaine could afford to be patient. She would not strike first. In her mind, she certainly would strike last.

Tincture also previously published my story “Arena” in their 14th Issue in 2014.

img_0058And also this week, as a result of weird circumstance and ninja-like reflexes, a new, very industrial version of One Thousand Owls Behind Your Chest now exists in the world. This alternate incarnation of the collection can be found at Longfellow Books in Portland, Maine, in the Beyond Repair online store, and (if you feel like contacting me directly) in an envelope mailed to you from me.