A well-meaning Apocalypse.

While the final details of One Thousand Owls Behind Your Chest click together in advance of the book’s December 15th release, a few other no-less-important events from these past couple weeks deserve a moment’s highlighting.

  • pushcart-xliThough not yet officially released (at least not according to their website), the 2017 edition of the Pushcart Prize anthology has begun to appear in libraries, bookstores, and—in the instance of one particular copy—my own mailbox. This year’s anthology includes some breathtaking work by Lydia Davis, Deb Olin Unferth, and Steve Almond, among others. It’s truly an honor to see my own story, “Blue of the World,” included among such amazing company. If you cannot find a copy of The Pushcart Prize Anthology XLI at your local bookseller, it is currently available online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
  • Matchbook, an online journal of flash fiction, this week published “Mandarini,” an experiment in pronouns involving love and fruit. The story is also accompanied by a brief essay, explaining the motivation behind, not just this story, but much of my creative narrative work.
  •  Exhibits: A 67 Press Anthology, has just come out in digital formats (the print edition of the anthology is slated for release this coming December).

    Exhibits houses an eclectic group of characters featuring drug addicts, Gods, and fallen rock stars inhabiting the same space. There’s bedbugs, S&M, and a shape shifting dinosaur. There’s excess and poverty, love and hate, and a well-meaning apocalypse for good measure.

    Exhibits also features my short story “Dummy,” an excerpt of which can be read here.

  • the-chart-anthologyAnd in one more bit of anthology news, The Chart, an independent journal for art and art criticism with a focus on Maine and New England in general, has recently published its first anthology. Produced by Wing Club Press, The Chart 2015-2016 Anthology includes two of my essays as well as a review of one of the more gonzo performances I helped curate surrounding the release of last year’s Cream River. The anthology is gorgeous, and all proceeds will be used to continue paying contributors to The Chart for their work.

And finally, maybe now is as good a time as any to release the first book trailer for One Thousand Owls Behind Your Chest. Try not to get too creeped-out.