Stars that shed no light.

A brief recap of the past several weeks’ publications, at home and abroad.

Image by Aliyah Hussain, contributing artist to Issue 16 of the Manchester Review.
  • Dummy,” another chapter in the on-going narrative of Coleman’s drug-fueled and basketball-informed misadventures, after several years of rejections and near-misses, has at long last found a home in Issue 16 of the UK’s Manchester Review.
  • A Fluent Blue,” written in collaboration with Cat Bates as part of a multimedia art project, has been reprinted in the Island Journal.
  • Pretty,” a micro-addendum of sorts to “Blue of the World,” was an honorable mention in Lindenwood Review‘s annual prose poetry competition and appears in their newly-minted 6th issue.
  • Smoke from a Furnace,” a recently resurrected piece from the past decade, appears in the new “Saints”-themed issue of Canada’s Ricky’s Back Yard, all profits of which will benefit Cancer Research UK.

“Dummy” was written during a fellowship with the I-Park Foundation in December, 2012. “Pretty” was written during a fellowship with the Hewnoaks Artists Colony in July, 2013.