While the pretty girls hula-hoop and the waxed Impalas gleam.

Given that all the multimedia performances from last year’s book tour featured parallel projections of dreamy Super 8 home movies versus devastating nuclear blasts, it seems only fitting that the video book trailers for To Sleep as Animals likewise reflect this inherent duality between love and destruction. It’s a principle explored throughout the novel, perhaps most overtly by the protagonist (or anyway, the anti-protagonist) near the novel’s end:

“…what you want most is what you can never have: you are mandated, it’s your job not to have it. You leave what you love because you love it. Pour mercury in the water. Choke your girlfriend with a peach pit or build her out of glass so you can break her. Take the next flight out and get gone.”

The first trailer was the getting gone. This one’s the love that gets left behind.

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