This town is too small to get lost in.

I am determined to not let this summer kick me in the ass. To this end, I’m going to release a series of audio/video pieces, one each week, most likely on Mondays. I guess I’ll do this until I’m tired of it. Some of the videos will be impressionistic collages like the one featured below. Others will be exercises in patience. Most will be about two minutes long. All will be stories (or anyway, parts of stories). With any luck, they will not completely suck. But that’s really not for me to decide.

This first week’s story, “They Vampire Nights,” originally appeared in issue 96 of Bound Off Fiction, a great literary podcast that, unfortunately, ceased publication this past January. All of the footage is public domain film gleaned from the Prelinger Archives. I’m not sure who is playing the clarinet.