“A Rich Man’s Knees” now available at Read Short Fiction

Published in the final seconds of one year and just in time for the next, “A Rich Man’s Knees” gives 2015 an auspicious beginning.

John walked through the backdoor and for a while things got quiet, then there was a shot and John came out the front with two guns in his hands, his and his brother’s. He held the guns in the air like he was surrendering in his brother’s stead, or maybe was showing us the evidence of what he’d just done, and there was a tense and unified silence before finally, everyone raised their hands and cheered. In the back of the crowd, the band struck up a round. We could finally have our goddamn funeral.

My first overt foray into (what at least in my imagination is) the Western genre, this story is dedicated to the musician Brandon Schmitt.